Raw Foodism

So I just came from my doctor who’s recommended a vegan version of an autoimmune diet because of my hypothyroidism and chronic inflammation issues. This means a mostly raw food diet with no legumes or anything in the nightshade family (including tomatoes! noo!) So I apologize if my feed suddenly becomes boring and is nothing but raw foods and veggies. Hopefully as I learn more about faw foodism I can come up with some more interesting stuff! With that said, if any of you are raw foodies or have dabbles, any advice is greatly appreciated :) 

much love <3,

the fat vegan 

01/29/14 at 12:35pm
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    I don’t agree with everything in the book. Its imperfect for sure. But the recipe portion is more what I was...
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    I’ll look into it more, but I was under the impression that The Kind Diet was primarily about weight loss. I looked...